Enjoy top quality sound with the AIAIAI TMA-2 Young Guru preset headphones

Are you tired of always having to put up with annoying and poor quality sound? If you do, there is a solution for you. Poor sound quality can be annoying and it may also hinder you from enjoying your entertainment. However, with the AIAIAI TMA-2 Young Guru Preset Headphones you can rest assured that you will never encounter poor quality sound. In addition, you can use these headphones anywhere and anytime since they are compatible with most devices.

Why choose the Young Guru preset headphones?

The TMA-2 Young Guru headphones incorporate technology and expertise to ensure you get nothing short of quality and high definitive sound. The preset headphones are developed with the collaboration of the Grammy winning sound engineer Young Guru. Some of the major benefits of the Young Guru preset headphones include:

Modern technology

With expertise and technology, you are assured of quality. The headphones come with a very powerful and highly sensitive neodymium S04 speaker that ensures you receive vibrant and detailed sound. Additionally, the H71 nylon headband and the E05 over-year microfiber pads help in boosting comfort and sound clarity.

Strong and durable cable

With a durable cable, you do not have to worry about using your headphones as you please. The cable is made of strong woven nylon which prevents dents and cuts. In addition, the cable extends up to 3.2metres thus allowing you to use the headphones at a distance. Moreover, the 3.5mm luxury plug comes with screws on the adaptor.

Cable Lock

To ensure maximum safety on the cable, you get an option to lock the cable to the system. The cable lock will prevent the headphones from being pulled out of the device while in use.


Stereo jack adaptor

Courtesy of this adaptor, it is possible to change from the normal stereo jack (3.5mm) to a larger stereo jack (6.3mm).

Straight plug for stereo

With a black anodized metal plug, you can comfortably use your headphones on the go. The straight plug is designed to withstand all turbulences on the road.

Adjustable cups

For maximum comfort, you can easily adjust the position of the speaker units so that they match your preference.

Reasonable price

The TMA-2 headphones are priced reasonably to ensure that you not only get quality sound but also you get headphones that will serve you diligently for long.


Rarely will you find headphones that are reasonably priced and yet give you a lot to smile about. Therefore, if you are looking for headphones with the best sound quality and comfort, the TMA-2 Young Guru preset headphones is the sure choice to make.


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