The Air Jordan sneaker is probably the most popular performance basketball shoe there is. Rarely has modern culture been so impacted by an athlete as it has with Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High is favored as a collector’s item as the design is based primarily on the first shoe released by Nike under Micheal Jordan’s line.

Air Jordans, which are designed to represent superior performance and agility, are popular with fashion lovers as they are with sneaker enthusiasts. So, it comes as no surprise that the world is abuzz with positive reviews of the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneaker.

In particular, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneaker boasts the same elements that have made the brand famous, with some changes added to the design. For instance, rather than feature the usual leather design, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE includes some synthetic elements as well as a high top shaft to change the look and feel of the increasingly popular sneaker. Overall, you will appreciate the Air Jordan 1’s material cushioning, the lockdown, as well as the support offered.


If you are looking for a high-quality performance sneaker that will not cause you to break the bank, then you will be pleased by Air Jordan 1’ price point. Typically lower than most other models, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE price point was designed to appeal to buyers that cannot necessarily afford the higher range countertop, which explains why it is always included in every season.



The high-top feature on the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE was integrated to make the sneaker perfect for high powered activities. As such, if you intend to wear the sneakers often, you will be pleased to know that they have been designed to give you the security you need for the physical demand that you will put the sneakers through. In addition to the high-top shaft, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE also has a balance of full grain leather as well as nubuck upper so that your ankle can have more protection and padding.


The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE has been outfitted with the air unit rubber cupsole around the heel area to provide you with the cushioning you need. The deep flex grooves situated in the rubber outsole, as well as the pivot point, is what will really help to give you the flexibility that you require.


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