When Tinker Hatfield created the original sample of the Air Jordan 3 “Tinker”, he must have thought that it would be in the market in a few years. Well, it is only in March 2018 that this shoe model from Nike hit the market – 30 years later. Actually, the shoe was released to celebrate the man whose brain and eye for design brought it to life. While the shoe is often out of stock in most major retail outlets’, having around $200 guarantees that you get it wherever you bump into it.

Watching Michael Jordan, one cannot help but notice that no shoe fits him as perfectly as one from the Air Jordan range. His love affair with this shoe range began when he achieved a game-winning shot, which led to North Carolina winning the championship in 1985. Although this game was characterized by many broken rules by the star, the fans were amused by his overall performance. At the time, MJ wore the original Air Jordan I.


An addition to the Air Jordan 3 Tinker range will be hitting the market for the first time in March 2019. This time around, the inspiration has been taken from one of the shoe classics from the Nike shoe story, the Air Max 1. This release is quite epic because it celebrates Air Max Day, and is a tribute to two of Tinker Hatfield’s most outstanding shoe designs that have been merged; in comes the Air Max 1-inspired Air Jordan 3 Tinker. A familiar aspect of this shoe and which will remind shoe lovers of the OG AM1 is the university white and red color scheme. Notice the Nike Air branding and interchangeable swooshes? Before we speak about that, let us visualize the craftsmanship that went into giving this shoe its unique style.

A large portion of the upper surface of the shoe is white tumbled leather while the bold university red color can be seen on the suede mudguard. If you have an eye for details, it is easy to notice that this model does not have elephant print on the mudguard. There is more university red; look at the upper eyelet, the inner tongues, the OG Nike Air branding located on the heels and the Jumpman branding done on the tongues.

Coming back to the interchangeable swooshes; this seems to be quite an interesting part of this new shoe release. They (swooshes) allow for easy customization of the shoe because they can be switched between a red, white, 3M grey, white and elephant print.


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