Un Verano Sin Ti is Bad Bunny’s 4th solo studio album and the 5th overall album that the well-known award-winning Puerto Rican rapper has released. As one of the most recognized reggaeton artists of his generation, Bad Bunny’s rise from ex-grocery bag boy into a developed superstar has been nothing short of amazing and the artist’s growth is evident in this new album. Released on May 2022, Un Verano Sin Ti is proof that Bad Bunny’s prolific rise was certainly not by accident.

In the past, Bad Bunny’s albums have always contained a touch of old-school reggaeton that’s mixed with the perfect blend of electro-pop, pop punk, and a little bit of trap. As such, with every new album release always comes higher expectations that Bad Bunny somehow always managed to surpass. Rather than do the expected with this album, Bunny opted to lean back and have a little bit more fun instead.

The end result was a leisurely album consisting of 23 songs, his longest album yet. When interviewed Bad Bunny states that he was inspired heavily by his life in Puerto Rico as a child. The artist also sought inspiration from Caribbean sounds, as well as the relaxed and chilled spirit that is associated with Caribbean islands.

Most of the lyrics in the new album are characterized by heartache and nostalgia, evoking a balance between sad and summer songs. However, if one listens closely, Bad Bunny also covers a range of political and social topics in his lyrics. For instance, fans have speculated that the song “Andrea”, which also contains vocals from Buscabulla’s Raquel Berrios touches on domestic violence.


Another charged song in the album is “El Apagón”, which touches on Puerto Rico’s constant power outages, which have been taking place since Hurricane Maria destroyed the island’s power grid in 2017.

When the album dropped on Spotify, Bad Banny effectively became the most streamed artist in a single day having successfully managed to reach 183 million streams. The previous record, before Un Verano Sin Ti, was held by Drake. Un Verano Sin Ti is also the most listened to album on Spotify so far this year, which is a true testament to Bad Bunny’s prowess and talent.

Final Thoughts

This album was recorded in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and therefore combines sounds from both regions. The album’s versatility, paired with the impeccable delivery and lyricism all help to explain why the Un Verano Sin Ti was so successful upon its release.



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