Tech enthusiasts might have probably already interacted with Google Stadia but the rest of us might not know what it is. Well, Google Stadia is a streaming service that every online gaming fan will fall in love with. The app allows users to switch between downloading games, watching them and playing on a back and forth style. When you sign in to Google Stadia you are entering a space, much like where youtube and other cloud-based platforms exist. The fun part about this aspect is that it makes this app compatible with multiple devices; laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, desktop PCs and tablets. There is also a Google Stadia controller which users can use as a display. For that individual who does not need to drown in all the tech jargon out here, let us explain the Google Stadia in three key points;

  • If you have stable and adequate internet, you can play games by login in the Google Stadia app. The app is more than a platform for watching games because users can battle it out for lead rights. The app can accommodate thousands of players at a time.
  • When you have this app, you drastically reduce the friction of modern day gaming. Everything on this app loads fast with record times of 5 seconds and less for most actions. For people who are quick to find games, the app instantly picks it up once it has been loaded. Turn on Stadia and open up the gaming scene to a new or old world. Those who love to play can carry on but those whose interest is in earning a few cool moves to spice up their gaming can watch the game as it progresses. Clearly, this app rides on the idea that gaming in the future is going to be characterized by simultaneous playing and watching.
  • The vision behind the development of this app is to converge in one place the actions of streaming, inviting friends for contests, challenging others within your network and using YouTube to land at a specific point in a game. The close integration between Google Stadia and YouTube is something that cannot be ignored.

How exactly does Google Stadia work on an actual game?


Let us take for instance the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey trailer on YouTube. Google is comprised of data centers around the world – these are pockets within the app where hardware that powers the app is stored. When the app is opened in one location, it connects to the nearest data center which in turn is connected to others across the globe. This powers the game that has been selected for playing. Using a controller or simply a combination of buttons on your keyboard, the user has access to all aspects of the game that are required for smooth play.


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