If you have not come across Natti Natasha in recent times, then you will be in for a treat when you listen to her critically acclaimed album, IlimiNATTI. Although this well-known Dominican singer, rapper, songwriter, and Jill of all trades has been around the music scene for a while having done several collaborations with well-known artists such as Ozuna and Keny-Y, IlumiNATTI is her best project yet. IlumiNATI has performed so well (far beyond expectations) to snag Natti Natasha the title of Billboard’s end of year Top Latin Artists chart for 2018.

Released across all digital platforms, fans of hers will appreciate that she has stuck to her reggaeton roots. However, each of the tracks included in the album has a fresh feel and a surprising sound, which probably explains why the album has been so well received.

What is so great about Natti Natasha’s IlumiNATTI?

Tracks for every music lover


Over the years, Natti Natasha has released several collaborations, with the most recent and most notable ones featuring artists Ozuna and Bad Bunny. However, the IlumiNATTI album is great because it features a series of solos, which fans will appreciate as it has been a while since the world heard a Natti Natasha solo.

In particular, the single “Oh Daddy”, which is included in the first half of the album is a great track that also features a catchy beat and a refreshing sound. One of the most repeat-worthy songs on the album, Oh Daddy” also features inserts of English, which is ideal as it offers a level of versatility that invites English listeners into the world of reggaeton. Most of the songs on the album, such as Obsession” have an understated reggaeton sound that is both playful and not too much in your face, which is quite frankly invigorating.

Created to celebrate female empowerment

You may or may not know this, but the album IlumiNATTI was created to celebrate the modern woman. The title of the album was a play on words; Ilumi is a shortened form of the word illuminate. Natti Natasha used it because she wanted to highlight and shed light on the power and strength of modern women and young girls, which makes IlumiNATTI a great conceptual album that has a great message behind it.

To maintain the theme of female empowerment, this album only contains 2 collaborations, both with female artists Anitta and Keny Gracia who are both forces to reckon with in their own genres, making the album quite special and empowering for any woman looking to get into the tough music industry.


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