Get the ideal sound for your music with Maschine Studio

Does the lack of proper beats hinder you from getting your breakthrough in music? If it does, worry no more as you are about to learn about the ideal beat maker. Maschine hardware offers you the best beat quality and numerous features that will ensure you get the best sound for your music. Moreover, it incorporates the latest technology which is essential in making modern day music.

Benefits of using maschine studio


Rarely will you find a beat maker that incorporates technology and still gives you an original sound. Unlike other beat makers, maschine hardware allows you to effortlessly make your beat while offering numerous beat making options that will ensure you get the best sound. More benefits of using maschine studios include:

User friendly interface

In order to use this beatmaker, you do not require a lot of training. As a matter of fact, this beat maker is not only easy to controlbut also highly responsive. Additionally, maschine studios beat maker is the most tactile in the industry and it also allows you to work smoothly.

Exemplary visual feedback

With Maschine studios beat maker, you need not strain your eyes to look at your computer. This is courtesy of the hi-resolution color displays available on the hardware. The high resolution colors allow you to comfortably perform tasks like: sampling, mixing, arranging, focusing on the groove and also browsing for sound and plug-ins.


Specific hands-on control

The ability to effortlessly control this beatmaker is further boosted by multi-color pads that allow you to ultimately feel the beat’s thickness. The beat maker contains: eight knobs for display, buttons for editing and a precise jog-wheel. With the ultra-precise jog-wheel, you can quickly perform tasks like: editing, browsing and arranging. Clear monitoring and metering is also possible courtesy of a dedicated level section. In addition, the built-in stand will always deliver the perfect angle to perform.

Powerful software

With a Maschine 2 software, you get to experience the latest technology in the world of beat making. This software contains improved features like: browsing, sampling and arranging. More to that, there are additional features such as: new plug-in strip, drum synths and a mixer.

Quality sounds inside

With over 22 GB of sound, you can easily create your own drums with amazing drum synths. In addition, you can dial-in 25 pro-grade and get effects directly from the hardware. Amazingly, you also get the Komplete Select which lets you choose up to 10 Komplete Instruments and effects. The instruments and effects selected can easily be controlled from the Maschine hardware.


With the outburst in the use of technology in making beats, you need to follow the trend in order to achieve success. The only way to scale great heights is by using a Maschine beat maker which is tested and trusted.


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