Offering the qualities of a mixer that DJs look out for, the MIXARS Duo exceeds the standard expectations of modern day live music mixing. It is easy to understand where the inspiration to create such a high performance mixer came from considering that it is a joint effort of Serato and MIXARS. Close interaction, quality assessment and professionalism are some of the core aspects on which the design work was based.

With the current technological age, there is a significant popularity of plug and play equipment and this is the technology on which the MIXARS DUO 2 Channel Serato DJ Battle Mixer is anchored. The plug and play feature stems from the Mixars DUO which powers the Serato DJ. This combination has 8 RGB backlit pads that trigger the SP-6 sampler or 8 cue points per deck. Apart from the in-built USB hub of the DUO, 2 extra USB connections allow use of USB devices. There is no doubt that the DUO delivers top notch scratch performance owing to its integrated Mini-Innofader. The line fader and Crossfader settings on the other hand are straightforward to adjust from the front panel. DJs everywhere know how important it is to sample tracks both to assess quality and tease the audience. With the MIXARS DUO 2 Channel Serato DJ Battle Mixer the all too important sampler mode can be recalled instantly.


Being a DJ means that you are passionate about the music and computer operating systems must not concern you You therefore do not have to worry about getting a specific plug in software to support the DUO because apart from being plug-and-play, you do not need drivers to use it on a Mac system. If your laptop has windows OS, the DU comes with a dedicated driver of high performance.

At an affordable price of $990, the MIXARS DUO 2 Channel Serato DJ Battle Mixer is positioned to divert the attention of DJs from other equally performing mixers in the market. It is a fact that the features that this DUO has are not as many compared to others that are more expensive but you as the DJ will get more than what your audience needs. After you have spent money on this DUO, you do not need to buy additional software or peripherals to use it apart from turntables. You do not even have to connect it to your laptop unless whatever Serato controls offer is not up to the effects that you want.


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