For most people, DJing work is about scratching at the turntable and this means that the turntable does most of the heavy lifting in producing a timeless musical experience. The concept of the turntable has been around for a while and while it may not be possible to completely do away with it, there have been improvements to match complementary modern equipment. The MIXARS LTA Straight-Arm High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable is one such improvement and popular because of its 10lbs of torque. Anyone with some basic DJ experience can be able to operate it and with dual output capabilities, two mixers can be linked to it without splitters or even additional cables. If you are having a performance that involves a group of DJs or a band, then this turntable will work like magic in energizing the crowd. Here is what DJs love about the MIXARS’ LTA;

Equipment setup

A look at the turntable and nothing will strike you as different from any other brands in the market. Purposed to offer durability to the user, the turntable constitutes components made out of plastic and die-cast aluminium. The turntable disc moves fast and because it is quartz controlled, its accuracy at the time of playbacks is quite impressive.

Pros & Cons


For those looking for high quality DJ equipment, the MIXARS’ LTA is a worthy choice. The superior material that has been used to make the components ensures durability and robustness. The straight and solid tone-arm ensures a skip less performance; this is enhanced by its ability to accommodate a pair of players or music selector machines. Most DJs especially the beginners and those who are keen on playing MC roles in an event will find the reverse, start, stop and tempo range quite empowering.

On the downside, plastic from which the turntable outer shell is made from is unattractive to DJs who are conscious about the perception that people have about their brand. This is aggravated by the fact that the power off knob puts an indefinite end to all outputs.

Even from face value, the MIXARS’ LTA is a sight to behold; The aluminium platter and matte rubber finish provides stability when on the decks. This together with the straight tone arm to improve skip resistance is more than enough for a DJ who is passionate out being a master scratch artist. These additional features do not in any way deny DJs the turntable manoeuvres they all love.


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