The DDJ-REV7 is so far Pioneer DJ’s one of the most cutting-edge DJ controllers to date and boasts a host of new and advanced features. Not too long ago, the Pioneer brand re-entered the turn table market with its new set of mixers, the DJM-S9, DJM-S11, and the S7, which became instant favorites among aspiring and experienced DJs.

Both of these mixers restored the popularity of Pioneer mixers after Rane gained popularity again. Now, the Pioneer brand has made waves yet again by releasing its new motorized battle controller. The new REV7 was released as part of the entry-level REV1 and was designed to be the ultimate controller.

The new REV7 was designed to be the best controller and comes filled with some of the most advanced features from the brand’s battle-style controllers. Created for scratch DJs, the REV7 has vital features such as:

The Jog wheels

There are lots of features on the DDJ REV7 controller to look forward to. However, one of the biggest is the jog wheels, with the ability to display information effectively.

The Platters

The DDJ-REV7 comes with dual motorizes steel platters 9 inches long that have built-in jog displays. Unlike what you would typically find on the Rane 1 controller, the REV7 does not have a central spindle which means that the controller can have screens mid-jog.

The Mixer section


The new DDJ-REV7 also has a battle-style mixer section. The controller consists of 2 channel faders and a Magvel Pro fader, which is easily one of the most advanced in the market.

The display

Each jog wheel also features a colorful 3.5-inch LCD display. The dual displays a large, vibrant, and capable of displaying information. The screens can also be easily used to access the utility settings menu.

Performance features

Some of the performance features included in the controller include a new internal mode that allows users to load and play 4 scratch sentences without necessarily linking it with a laptop. This feature makes it easy to set up for quick performances and practice sessions. The REV7 DJ controller also has 22 internal beat FX that can be efficiently utilized with external or internal sources.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is one of Pioneer’s most advanced controller sets. What’s so great is that Pioneer introduced many impressive features in this model while maintaining some of the tested and tried ones to keep its customers happy.


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