Pioneer DJ, one of the leading manufacturers of Deejay equipment in the world is introducing a new controller, the DDJ-RZX flagship controller. The controller has been designed to make the most out of the rekordbox video Plus Pack that was designed for the rekordbox DJ.

The DDJ-RZX flagship controller builds on Pioneers long heritage of making the best and most innovative DJ equipment. It is a four-channel professional controller ideal for DJs that are constantly on the move, and who like to include videos in their performances.

It will be available in Canada and the United States starting from July 2016, and will come with a retail price of $2999.00. It will also come bundled with licenses for rekordbox dvs, rekordbox DJ and rekordbox video Plus Pack.

Rekordbox, a Plus Pack for rekordbox DJ, add video performance features to the rekordbox DJ performance software. Some of its features include;

  • Native video control- you can add FX videos and scratch as thought they were audio tracks
  • Transition FX- the crossfader allows you to mix videos from two sources and also get to add up to five effects to the favorites
  • Slideshow- it allows you to build slideshows of still images on the go or in advance
  • Camera output- you can show live feed obtained from a digital camera that has been connected to your PC.

Important Features of the DDJ-RZX include;

The Layout Mirrors a CDJ Set-up

Use the features got from the CDJ such as the large jog wheels to mix videos and the multi-colored tactile performance pads and audios instinctively.
The four channel controller comes with an independent sampler that allows for intuitive control of Beat Sync, Trim, and Quantize.

High-Quality Sound

It comes with AC inlets that allow you to hear the true sound of the tracks being played. The AC inlets are designed for a high performance and reduced cable contact resistance.
The inclusion of a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card ensures a good all round performance with the high-quality sound being produced.

3 Touch Screens that Provides You With Complete Control


The presence of three- seven-inch touch screens helps you take the performance to a whole new level by making it possible to preview image and video files, trigger and release Beat FX. Touch FX allows you to adjust your parameters by making a trace on the X and Y axes available on the display.
Deck display mode can be used to check all the track information such as key, BPM and the track titles. Also, mixer display mode can be used to view enlarged track waveforms, Hot Cue information as well as loop. Touching the screen will allow you to create instant doubles.

Professional Mic Section

There are two XLR combo Mic input jacks that make it possible to hear all the voices loud and clear. It is feasible to control the output by using the three bands Mic EQ, as well as four Mic FX for Reverb, V-Tune, Pitch and Echo so as to add tone and texture to each sound.

Extensive FX Unit

It is possible to include the following to your music tracks from external players as well as rekordbox DJ:

Combo FX. It allows you to control Beat FX and Sound Color FX all at the same time by utilizing the available touch screens
Release FX. You can exit the complex FX patterns through the selection of Back Spin, Vinyl Brake, or Echo as well as twisting the dial
Sound Color FX that has a Sub-Parameter Control. The studio quality sound of the DJM-900NXS2 that includes Crush, Sweep, Filter, Space, Noise and Dub Echo can be used and fined tuned using the sub-parameter control
Sampler Repeat. You can use it to change the overall length of a loop by simply touching the display and applying sound color FX when the rekordbox DJ sampler is in use.

Additional Features

Other important features include;

  • Active Censor. Intuitively make use of the Active Censor feature present in rekordbox DJ. Can be used to set in and out points as well as in the application of Echo, Vinyl Brake FX, Trans and Reverse Roll so as to disguise the use of explicit words in your playlist.
  • Bundled License Keys (Three). It comes with keys for the rekordbox dvs, rekordbox DJ, and rekordbox video
  • OSC Sampler. Oscillator sounds (four) included
  • Modern Cross Fader. The newly developed crossfader is not only durable, but it is also capable of making over ten million movements.
  • Dual USB Port. Makes it possible to easily transition between DJs
  • P-Lock Fader Cap. It locks in the fader knobs so as to prevent dropping

A protective case made from durable and lightweight materials has also been made available for DDJ-RZX. The case comes with a robust, black metal frame that is meant to keep the controller safe when you are in transit.


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