Many DJs are familiar with the DJM-900NXS2 and this is because it was the flagship creation from PIONEER. Well, the DJM-450 is here and while it has inherited some features and design elements of the former, it is the ideal mixer for the modern DJ. Best partnered with XDJ-700 multi players and PLX-1000 turntables, it is designed to create a professional setup no matter the occasion. The streamlined design of this mixer makes everything that a DJ would want to use readily accessible and in full view to change or adjust.

For people who have experienced other mixers, the DJM-450 seems seamless owing to the smoothed out EQs as well as channel faders. Like in the DJM-900NXS2, the Magvel crossfader provides an accurate response and tangible feel when performing complicated scratch techniques. The result of this is high quality, surround audio from both analogue and digital sources. Do you ever wonder why there is no DJ mixer that can be connected directly to a PC via a single cable? The DJM-450 allows for this connection and using a bundled rekordbox dvs application it controls all digital sound tracks.

The awesome effects that a DJ can achieve when mixing with the DJM-450 DJ mixer allows them to stay in their comfort zone. The mixer constitutes a 2-mode, and 3-band EQs plus an extensive analog input and output function that makes it possible to integrate it with any DJ setup. The DJ equipment has an on-board collection of sound color and beat FX on the digital side of the mixer. If you have a mobile device with a USB slot, you can take advantage of the dedicated return and send loop.


Ask any seasoned DJ about how important it is to connect to the equipment you are using and the answer will most likely be the same for all of them. The benefit of using the DJM-450 is that it is a classic piece of equipment just like its siblings from PIONEER. Pioneer DJ mixers are popular for their impressive dual mode and streamlined features. This coupled with the ability to lock into a specific tempo makes the mixers predictable and programmable.

When it comes to flexibility and quality sound, most DJs consider the DJM-450 worth their time. Even without a laptop or robust music player, the mixer can be used on portable sources like a smartphone or tablet, making DJing far more accommodating and versatile.


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