Even with numerous mixers in the market, it is easy to fall in love with the PIONEER DJM-S9 which bears solid and high quality fittings. The construction of the buttons makes them easy to operate and adjust as needed. This mixer is especially designer for track mixers who use Serato DJ but that does not mean others will not find it exceptional. With 16 RGB multi-colored backlit jpads as well as 12 on-board plus iconic Pioneer DJ effects, it is easy to see why this 2-channel battle scratch-style DJ mixer could become an instant favorite. Making track effects is made simple with the DJM-S9 because the DJ only needs to punch in switches to incorporate them into a mix.

Being a DJ is all about customizing the music experience and this is amazingly a function of the DJM-S9 aided by the new Magvel Pro V2 that offers numerous options for adjustment. For tension adjustment, backstop replacements, curve control and cut-in distance, there is no other crossfader in the market that beats the DJM-S9. Modern scratch DJs will find this feature very enticing multiple mixing styles can be employed either by the same DJ or different individuals owing to the Dual USB Soundcard that makes it possible to mix music from different sources.


If your style of playing music as a DJ is using different FX simultaneously to come up with mixes, then you will find the DJM-S9 limiting. This mixer does not allow combined use of the Pioneer Beat FX and Serato DJ FX. There is also no way you can use more than one effect when you are using the mixer. This limitation of the DJM-S9 is a minor setback if you consider the reasons why you should have one of these. At a retail price of about $1749, it is a DJ machine that is packaged with sheer goodness.

At first glance, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 appears heavy but is really not. With a base made out of hard plastic and not metal like other mixers, it weighs more like a DJ controller. Carrying the mixer from one place to another is not an outright burden and DJs can carry their equipment wherever their services are needed. For DJs who are interested in more than the scratching aspect of mixing, it makes for an impressive unit. You have to however experience its performance to equate it to the price tag but you will definitely get the justification.


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