When you set your eyes on the Presonus Eris E8 Monitor, you will want to keep staring at them. They are simply beautiful and are rather large compared to how much they cost. As if it is not enough that they are a decent size, they also have a sleek matte finish that will blend well in any studio. If your studio is constantly dark, be warned that you will not be able to ignore the luminous PreSonus logo. The thick plastics casing from which the speakers are made from make them appear to be very expensive. It is obvious that the design was aiming for a product that would last for a long time. The speakers are solid in build with safely embedded Kevlar cones that make the casing to feel robust.

Having listened to regular speakers it is easy for someone to realize that the quality of music does sound superior with the Eris 8s. The temptation to buy a second pair does bother you when you see the accuracy with which these speakers perform. This is further fuelled by the competitive pricing in comparison to similar products. It is easy to test the performance of the Eris E8s controls because you just need to listen to music on both high and medium frequency.


Modifying the frequency settings for any set of speakers can be a daunting experience but there is no cause for worry when you are using the set from PreSonus. They include a friendly user manual that is written in a friendly, funny and personalized tone. If you seek a product that is straightforward to set up and use then you will be happy with the Presonus Eris E8 Monitor.

The first thing you look for when you consider buying an electronics product is its price as compared to the specifications. You might not buy the Eris E8 Monitor set initially but they do make for excellent secondary set. A cool set of electronics is an easy ice breaker especially when you are constantly entertaining guests. Having a set of monitors that can go down to 35 Hz is sure to make an impression when you need to play loud music and a bit of bass mixes. By listening to the Eris E8 at regular volume it results in clarity of sound and a resultant moderate sound. It is really phenomenal to own a set of the Eris 8s, not only because of the cool prices but because of the high level performance.


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