A smartphone is not the only intelligent gadget that you can own in today’s tech-forward world; there is the classy yet functional Samsung Galaxy Watch. Simply put, this is your way of staying connected to the world without carrying something in your hand – a watch that incorporates features of a smartwatch plus the natural feel of staying grounded to the analog. With a galaxy watch as a companion, your chances of living a smarter and longer life are highly boosted. You now have a gadget that tracks your health even without your knowledge and can do this for days because of the Bluetooth connection that keeps its running.

Most people do not wear wrist watches because they never find something that complements their lifestyle. Not anymore, because the Galaxy allows you to remain authentic through a range of watch faces designed to match any lifestyle. There is an option of 3 colors and 2 sizes. Even more comforting is the fact that this watch range sits well on the wrists of both casual and corporate wearers. Interchangeable bands allow for switching between moods and events. Wondering if this is a real watch? Listen to the ticking and watch as the hands tell your time correctly, the round face that smiles at you actually has a life – you can customize it to your preference. You, however, need to charge it every once in a few days but the wireless charging system allows you to do this without a hassle.

Like a firefly that lives in the light, the Samsung Galaxy Watch keeps telling the time regardless of what time of day it is. No need to press a light button because when you look at the face of this watch at any time, the sAMOLED display shines back the position of time.


While the Samsung Galaxy Watch gives you the ultimate experience by telling you time, monitoring your vitals and charging via Bluetooth, it complements your phone. There is no need to carry multiple devices when this device is on your wrist because it can play the role of your smartphone. Do you remember we mentioned that it is Bluetooth enabled? Well, the LTE version can be used as a mobile phone by simply tapping to receive a call or read messages.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is definitely a game changer and this review does not do it any justice. Read through the manual or better still, get one for yourself and wonder at the amazing features that unfold before you.


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