If you are looking to invest in a high-quality mixer, then the Rane SEVENTY-TWO could be an excellent choice for any Serato DJ. This 2-channel mixer is compatible with both Serato DJ and Serato DVS and comes outfitted with a decent 4.3-inch touchscreen onboard that you can rely on. The Rane SEVENTY-TWO consists of the 12 motorized DJ controller as well as a mixer and is the heart of the Battle-Ready system.

As a DJ, the mixer is always the centerpiece of any setup and the Rane SEVENTY-TWO is a slick, high-quality mixer that will serve you for years to come, as long as you do a great job of maintaining it. So here is what you have to look forward to when you invest in the Rane SEVENTY-TWO:

The construction and build

At first glance, you will appreciate the solid construction of the Rane SEVENTY-TWO. Fully outfitted with steel housing, the Rane SEVENTY-TWO is designed to serve you for years without needing replacement. One of the very first things you will notice and appreciate about the Seventy-two is the brand-new faders. There are 2 faders for every channel as well as the master that are extremely easy to operate.

What is so great about the faders is that they can be taken out whenever you need to adjust the tension. The buttons, FX paddles, and the knobs are constructed using dual die-cast aluminum that can also be removed and switched to vertical if you should feel the need to.

The Touchscreen


The SEVENTY-TWO has an outstanding 4.3-inch touchscreen that displays vertical waveforms similar to the ones you might have experienced with Serato DJ. The touchscreen s very intuitive and capable of displaying tracks in your Serato DJ library. You can easily use the touchscreen to control the Touch FX feature as well as edit all your mixer preferences handily.

The Faders

The SEVENTY-TWO comes with new Mag 3 faders, two of which are for the channel faders while one is designated for the crossfader. Each fader has adjustable tension that allows you to play around until you get the feel that you are looking for, whether stiff or loose. All the mag 3 faders also have reverse switches and cut in and contour controls that can be adjusted.

The onboard effects

This mixer is embedded with its very own Flex FX engine onboard with every channel having a Flex FX channel and stacked Serato DJ effects which allow you to make use of up to 4 effects on each channel. All the effects come with an on and off button as well as a depth knob that allows extended audio manipulation.


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