Technology keeps changing and with it comes better ways of doing things. Evidence that technology keeps improving is the size difference between computing devices used in the 1990s and those that are in use today. For the best DAW Software, it best to consider the features of each.


Logic Pro: Priced at $200, this software is compatible with Mac operating systems so users have to use machines running with this OS. The crossover appeal of this software makes it a popular DAW in the market. It is no wonder that many musicians want to use it for its quality editing tools, samples, affordability and instruments.

Pro Tools: For initial use there is no charge attached to using this software. The cost for subsequent sessions is $600 or $30/month. The reason music engineers love this software is because it was the first of its kind and is bought complete with supporting hardware.

Ableton Live:
Priced at $88 introduction price, $388 standard and $667suite, was unveiled in 2001. It is a popular DAW because of automatic beat matching and the ability to create tracks using loops.

Bitwig Studio: Priced at $299, this software is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows as well as Linux. The best feature of this DAW is continuity because of sandboxed plugins. The ability able to chain devices with each other instead of changing them one after the other makes using multiple devices possible.

FL Studio: For a price of $199 for Producer, $299 for Signature and $737 for the total package, it has on numerous occasions been voted as the best performing workstation in the world. It is a popular beat maker with multiple plugins and sound synthesizers.


Studio One:
Priced at $99 for artist and $399 for studio packages, this software first appeared in 2009. It is best known as an audio interface maker in recording circles. If offers a flexible workflow since music makers have an opportunity to try out different music ideas.

Cakewalk SONAR:
Highly ranked among the top producer software for many years, this software is compatible with Windows only. Affordability tops the list when considering the X3 and Studio versions.

Propellerhead Reason:
This stand-alone DAW also doubles up as a virtual instruments suite.

MOTU Digital Performer:
Having made its debut in 1990 this is one of the trusted music production software in the market.

Steinberg Cubase:
This is another old timer in as far as software invention is concerned. Compatible with windows operating system, this software supports audio.The music industry has greatly benefited from these advancements because it is a reflection of the specialized software that is being adopted. High quality music is a result of a strong signal chain even though digital audio workstations get more focus among consumers.


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