Bad Bunny’s album X 100PRE, certainly placed Bad Bunny in the pantheon of artists to look out for. Both brazen but bold, X 100PRE is characterized by style, tonnes of personality from the artist as well as an evident love for the craft. The album, which was released unexpectedly on Christmas Eve, features some of the best works from Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, more famously referred to as Bad Bunny.

So far, Bad Bunny has grown to become a mainstream star only through the release of singles. As such, it came as a huge surprise when he unveiled X 100PRE. Over a short period of time, Bad Bunny had released a whopping 27 singles where he is featured as the lead artist and a further 37 singles in collaborations. Capable of adapting to any style imaginable whether reggaetón, R&B, bachata or trap, Bad Bunny has proven himself to be a mainstay in the industry.

What is so great about X 100PRE


Like many of his Urbano counterparts such as J Balvin, it is difficult to confine Bad Bunny in a box. On this assured album, Bad Bunny transitions easily from one genre to the next. The guest stars on the album are carefully selected to include acts such as Drake, Diplo, Don El Alfa, and even a secret came from revered artist Ricky Martin on the single ‘’Caro’’.

One of the most notable tracks on the album is “Estamos Bien,” which manages to cleverly shed light on some of the issues Purto Ricans face on a daily basis due to political mismanagement. In this track, Bad Bunny talks about driving his expensive Benz on Puerto Rico’s very poorly maintained roads. In another single “Ser Bichote,” he discusses the closing of schools in his motherland, which consequently paves way for the growth of the drug trade and trap houses.

A huge majority of the album was produced by reggaetón masters Marcos “Tainy” Masís and Roberto Rosado. As such, the album X 100PRE is nothing short of quality. The high points of the album are many but you will especially love the track “La Romana”, which fears a unique sound that marries 3 genres, namely dembow, Latin trap and Bachata. X 100PRE also features a great sounding ballad known as “Caro”, which was designed to appeal to those that prefer music with a softer feel.

All in all, X 100PRE has something to offer everyone from América Central to Europe, which will definitely help to propel Bad Bunny’s career even further.


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